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YSF Venue and Travel


The 17th FEBS YSF will be held at the Ramat Rachel Resort, Jerusalem (7–10 September 2017).

Ramat Rachel Resort offers both accommodation and a Kibbutz experience! There is a tranquil garden overlooking natural surroundings, and it’s only a 15-minute drive from Jerusalem city center. The Resort's auditorium and meeting areas will also provide an excellent setting for the scientific discussion.

You are welcome to enjoy the unique environment and enrich your knowledge and network during the YSF, before moving on with the other YSF participants to experience the 42nd FEBS Congress in Jerusalem. During the days of the Congress (1014 September 2017), YSF participants will stay at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel, near to the ICC Congress venue.

Accommodation will be in shared rooms. YSF participants do not need to book a room or pay accommodation fees. The YSF Organizing Committee will take care of this, in collaboration with the Congress Organizers and FEBS.


Transfers from Ben Gurion airport at the start of the YSF  will be provided by individual vouchers to NESHER transportation minibus to be used upon your arrival (turn right at the exit from the terminal). In addition, transport will be arranged for transfer from the Ramat Rachel Resort to the Jerusalem Gate Hotel on September 10th.

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