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Ben Gurion International Airport is Israel's main international airport. The airport is named after Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. It is located 19 km (12 mi) to the southeast of Tel Aviv and 55km northwest of Jerusalem. Ben Gurion Airport is considered to be among the five best airports in the Middle East due to its passenger experience and its high level of security. 

Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

Shuttle Service

Kenes, the FEBS Congress PCO, will provide shuttle services (for pre-registered only) will be arranged on Saturday, September 9th from 16:00 to 22:00 and Sunday, September 10th from 08:00 to 17:00 from Ben Gurion Airport to the International Convention Center (ICC) Jerusalem, and on Thursday afternoon, September 14th from 11:00 to 17:00 from the International Convention Center (ICC) Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.

Shuttles from Ben Gurion Airport will be coming every hour. There will be a stewardess waiting in the welcome hall, at the start of every hour she will be guiding all participants to the shuttles. The shuttle will be outside, on the second floor, between gate 22 and 23 (in the bus lane).

Shuttles departing from the ICC will be leaving every two hours.

*** Scheduling given to change

Shared shuttle taxi

A shared shuttle service is also available to Jerusalem with the NESHER Transportation Service. The cost of the shuttle is approximately 64 Shekels (US $16/€14) per person. There may be a short waiting time as the shuttle will only depart the airport once it is full. Passengers should advise the name of the hotel at which they need to be dropped off. NESHER shuttles can be found outside the Arrivals Hall (Level G). Please ask the ground airport information desk for assistance if needed. The service does not need to be pre-booked.

Private taxi

Taxis to Jerusalem are available outside of the Arrivals Hall (Level G) of Ben Gurion Airport at a cost between 200–300 Shekels (US $50–77/€46 -71) and the average trip is about 40–50 minutes. We recommend that you only use licensed taxis. Taxi drivers are required by law to use the meter on all trips; unless you know the accepted rates, do not be tempted to set a price beforehand. Trips out of Ben Gurion Airport are charged an additional 5.00 Shekels (US $1.30/€1.20), and passengers pay approximately 3.00 (US $0.79/€0.73) Shekels for each suitcase.

Rent a car 

Hiring a car in Israel can be done in all of Israel’s major cities, and at the Ben Gurion Airport. There are multiple chains (Budget Rent A car Israel, Shlomo SIXT, Avis, Eldan, Hertz etc.). It is recommended to reserve your car before arrival. Driving in Israel is on the right-hand side of the road, and most signage is written in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Any participants interested in renting a car should check their travel insurance prior to making the reservation.

Public Bus

Shuttle service depots to the bus stops can be found on the 2nd floor near gates 21 and 23 outside of the airport. The shuttle service is free for passengers traveling internally within the airport city. The shuttle will stop at the “El Al Junction” bus stop. At the junction, the Egged bus 947 departs the junction approximately every 20 minutes to the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. The cost of the bus trip is 22 Shekels (US $5/€5) Buses run from 6:17 am to 22:22 pm. The trip to Jerusalem takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Departure information

A shared shuttle service is available from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion International Airport, provided by NESHER. The cost of the shuttle is approximately 64 Shekels (US $16/€14) per person. The service should be booked by your hotel concierge 24 hours in advance of your flight. Please keep in mind that the journey to the airport takes between 40 to 50 minutes (depending on traffic) and that the check in time at Ben Gurion Airport is 2.5 hours prior to your flight departure for security checks.

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