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Promotional Kit

Here you will find promotional materials ready to download and promote The FEBS 2017 Congress.

Please feel free to send them to your colleagues, friends and/or to whomever you see fit, and help us spread the word.

Social Media


Please feel free to post all of the material on this page onto your Facebook page and other networks.


Use these banners to post on your websites and event calendar.

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JPG, 728 x 90 px

(jpg, 300 x 250 - click on link to download)
JPG, 300 x 250 px 

Verticle Banner 1 (jpg, 160 x 600 - click on link to download)
Verticle Banner 2 (jpg, 120 x 600 - click on link to download)

Should you require a different size, please contact us.


Letter Heading (docx, 767KB - click on link to download)

Email Signature

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Promotional Slides

Please add at the end of your presentations at appropriate meetings and show on screens at events between presentations.

Promotional slides 1024x768 (PowerPoint- click on link to download)
Promotional slides 1920x1080 (PowerPoint- click on link to download)
TV Slide 1782 x 820 (jpg - click on link to download)

Promotional text

Copy and paste this short description of FEBS 2017 to include in your newsletter, website and event calendar:

The FEBS Congress aims to provide an outstanding international forum in the European area for the face to face exchange of knowledge and ideas across the molecular life sciences.  For the full FEBS 2017 program and latest Congress news, visit our Congress website at http://www.febscongress.org

FEBS has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of molecular biosciences. As a charitable academic organization,
FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.