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Poster Sessions Schedule

Posters in each Congress topic will be displayed according to the following schedule. Presenting authors should be available at their poster to explain and discuss their work to interested participants from 13:45–14:45 in the poster session slot on the relevant day, as set out below. More information on poster presentation can be found on the Poster Guidelines page.

September 11, 2017 

Synthetic Biology  
DNA Damage and Repair  
Proteomic Approaches in Cell Biology  
Molecular Basis of Diseases  
Signalling Across Membranes: Receptors, Channels and Transporters
CRISPR and RNA Processing and Regulation  
Mechanisms for Protein Homeostasis  
Organelle Biogenesis and Dynamics  
Integrated Structural Biology for Innovative Translational Research  

September 12, 2017 

Protein Dynamics and Interactions
Molecular Machines in Action  
Protein Folding and Misfolding
Chromatin Structure and Epigenetic Modifications
Redox Regulation of Biological Activities
Systems Biology
Molecular Neuroscience  

September 13, 2017 

Cancer Biology  
Translational Control and mRNA Localization  
Protein Degradation  
Structural Computational Biology
The Structural Organization of the Cell  

September 14, 2017 

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins  
Medicinal Chemistry  
The Human Microbiome  
Metabolism and Signalling  

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