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FEBS Special Sessions

Alongside the core research-focused scientific programme of the Congress, FEBS committees and working groups are organizing sessions of wide general interest to molecular life scientists – on education approaches, research and career skills, 'science and society', and gender issues. All interested participants are welcome!


The focus of the FEBS Education Committees Congress sessions is on 'practicals', with a Special Session of three lectures and a discussion, closely followed by a Workshop. Both events take place on Monday 11 September; schedule details will be added to the Congress program in due course.

FEBS Special Session on Education Practicals in Molecular Life Sciences Education (Mon Sep 11, 15.0017.00)
Chair: Gül Güner Akdogan, Izmir, Turkey
Opening LectureBruce Alberts, San Franciso, USA
e-Biolabs, Gus Cameron, Bristol ,UK
• Wet practicals, TBD
• General discussion
Drinks (17:00−17:30)

FEBS Education Workshop 'Practicals: Useful Tips' (Mon Sep 11, 18.30−19.30)
Special Session speakers and FEBS Education Committee members

NB: Posters on a range of topics in 'Education, Training, and Career Planning in Molecular Life Sciences' are warmly invited for presentation and discussion at the Congress: select this education category when submitting your abstract.

Research and Career Skills

A FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills, as well as an associated Workshop, will focus on writing and publishing scientific articles − with the aim of helping early-career researchers refine their manuscript-writing skills and better understand best practice in publishing their work. The sessions are co-organized by the FEBS Publications and Education Committees, and take place on Wednesday 13 September; schedule details will be added to the Congress program in due course.

FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills How to Write and Publish a Scientific Article (Wed Sep 13, 09.0011.00)
Chair: Laszlo Fesus, Debrecen, Hungary
The art (and science) of writing a scientific article, Frank Michelangeli, Chester, UK
• What journal editors are looking for in a paper: what happens after I submit my manuscript?, Seamus Martin, Dublin, Ireland
• Publication ethics, Laszlo Fesus, Debrecen, Hungary
• General discusssion

FEBS Research and Career Skills Workshop Writing and Publishing Skills (Wed Sep 13, 18.30−19.30)
Mary Purton (Cambridge, UK) and Special Session speakers

Science and Society

The FEBS Special Session on Science and Society is on 'The role of CRISPR in personalized medicine: legal and ethical problems'.
More details will follow.

Gender Issues in Science

Details to come

FEBS has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of molecular biosciences. As a charitable academic organization, FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.