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FEBS Fellows Meeting

Following previous gatherings of FEBS Long-Term Fellows in Spain (2012) and France (2014), a 3rd FEBS Fellows Meeting will be held at the Ramat Rachel Resort, Jerusalem from September 7th to 10th, 2017. The 2017 Meeting will 
bring together a select group of recent former and current senior FEBS Long-Term Fellows who accepted the invitation to come to present and discuss their research, while also sharing keynote lectures and coffee breaks with the FEBS Young Scientists' Forum.

Most FEBS Fellows at the Meeting will move on together to the ensuing 42nd FEBS Congress. The participation of FEBS Fellows in the 3rd FEBS Fellows Meeting and the 42nd FEBS Congress is financially supported by FEBS.

3rd FEBS Fellows Meeting Chair: Alain Krol (France), Chair, FEBS Fellowships Committee
Vice Chair: Kristina Gruden (Slovenia), Member, FEBS Fellowships Committee

Download the programme for the 3rd FEBS Fellows Meeting here.

For more information on FEBS Fellowships, click here.

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