FEBS Bursaries

FEBS bursaries are awards funded by FEBS to help early-career researchers from outside the host country participate in a FEBS Congress when submitting an abstract to the event as first author. For the 42nd FEBS Congress, FEBS bursaries will cover the 'Young scientist' early registration fee of €295, and make a €500 contribution towards travel/accommodation (€795 in total). 

As set out below, FEBS bursaries are for early-career FEBS members (1) studying for a PhD in a FEBS country, or (2) working as a postdoctoral scientist in a FEBS country, or (3) working elsewhere after obtaining their PhD in a FEBS country. A 'FEBS member' is a member of one of the national biochemical and molecular biology societies that make up FEBS (its Constituent Societies); a 'FEBS country' is a country where there is a FEBS Constituent Society.

Eligibility Criteria

FEBS bursary applicants should:

  • Be submitting an abstract to the Congress as first author
  • Be a registered PhD student or within 5 years of receiving a PhD
  • Be, or have been, a PhD student at an institution of higher learning in a country where there is a FEBS Constituent Society, or be working as a postdoctoral scientist in such a country*
  • Be a member of a FEBS Constituent Society
  • Be travelling to the Congress from outside the host country (FEBS bursaries are not available to scientists resident in the country in which the Congress is taking place)
  • Not have received an award from the FEBS Youth Travel Fund to attend a FEBS Advanced Course in the same year as the Congress

*Exceptions may be made for strong candidates studying or working in countries within the FEBS area of interest that do not currently have a FEBS Constituent Society (currently: Belarus, Macedonia and north African countries).

How to Apply

Applications for FEBS bursaries for the 42nd FEBS Congress must be made through the Congress registration system before the bursary deadline.  Applicants are expected to select the 'Young scientist' participant type (or 'Young Scientist - FEBS Sprinzl scheme', if applicable) and must pay the registration fee (at the early bird rate) by the bursary deadline. An abstract must be submitted as first author, the bursary application box on the registration form should be ticked, and the following documents need to be uploaded as a single pdf:

  • Proof of Status: PhD student or post-doctoral scientist within 5 years of receiving a PhD
  • Proof of FEBS Constituent Society membership, scanned copy of current membership certificate/letter for your FEBS Constituent Society
  • Curriculum Vitae, describing studies and work/research experience in no more than 600 words, highlighting: 1. Position; 2. University Degree; 3. Publications; 4. Congresses & Courses (including poster and/or oral communications); 5. Awarded Grants and Fellowships
  • Personal Statement, describing reasons why the applicant would benefit from attending the FEBS Congress, in not more than 300 words
The outcome of the bursary application will be notified via e-mail by June 8, 2017 (new date: see also Call for Abstracts page). Awardees will be reimbursed after the Congress by bank transfer; more details will be sent with the notification. Note that awardees have to appear in person and provide ID for check-in at the Congress venue for verification of attendance. Unsuccessful bursary candidates can request reimbursement of the registration fee if necessary, according to the Congress's cancellation policy.

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FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.