Career advice and skills at FEBS 2017

Take advantage of Congress talks giving research career tips and of sessions devoted to scientific article writing and publishing.

Beyond the benefits of the core speaker programme of plenary lectures and symposia and opportunities to present work at the Congress, special elements at this year’s event aimed specifically at early-career scientists include sessions on how to choose a postdoc lab and a research project, as well as talks and a workshop on writing and publishing scientific articles.

To help with the Congress planning, if you expect to attend one of the ISBMB Special Sessions, please indicate this on your registration form.

ISBMB Special Sessions

How to Find the Right Postdoc Lab (+ Pizza), Maya Schuldiner, Israel (Sun Sep 10, 19:00−20:00)
Choosing a suitable post-doc lab is a daunting task! First, often people search for labs in a new field in which they have less knowledge and experience. Second, the sheer amount of potential labs is huge. Finally, the importance of succeeding in this decision puts a lot of weight on this search. All these reasons come together to provide a potentially stressful experience. I will discuss ways to go about choosing a postdoc lab that will be suitable for your needs and will fit your interests.  I will also give you some tips on how to apply and interview.

How to Choose a Research Project (+ Pizza), Uri Alon, Israel (Tues Sep 12, 18:30−19:30)
Choosing a good research project is one of the foundations of being a good scientist. But how to choose a project is rarely discussed. Together we will explore different approaches in order to provide insight for what might inspire you.

NB: There will also be a session tailored to Israeli postdocs coming to the Congress from abroad; details will be announced later. 

FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills

A FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills, as well as an associated Workshop, will focus on writing and publishing scientific articles − with the aim of helping early-career researchers refine their manuscript-writing skills and better understand best practice in publishing their work. The sessions are co-organized by the FEBS Publications and Education Committees, and take place on Wednesday 13 September; schedule details can be found in the Congress programme.

FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills − How to Write and Publish a Scientific Article (Wed Sep 13, 09.00−11.00)
Chair: Laszlo Fesus, Debrecen, Hungary

  • The art (and science) of writing a scientific article, Frank Michelangeli, Chester, UK
  • What journal editors are looking for in a paper: what happens after I submit my manuscript?, Seamus Martin, Dublin, Ireland
  • Research integrity in scientific publishing, Laszlo Fesus, Debrecen, Hungary
  • General discusssion

FEBS Research and Career Skills Workshop − Writing and Publishing Skills (Wed Sep 13, 18.30−19.30)
Chair: Mary Purton, UK

This follow-up workshop is intended to be a question-and-answer session, where participants can discuss the topics covered in the morning's Special Session informally with members of the FEBS Press editorial staff.

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