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42nd FEBS Congress Abstracts

Abstracts submitted to the 42nd FEBS Congress and accepted by the Congress Organizing Committee, as well as abstracts from invited speakers for the event, are searchable here from 30th August to 30th September 2017. 

In addition to appearing on this Congress website, abstracts are displayed on the 2017 FEBS Congress app. Furthermore, with the exception of late-breaking abstracts, they are also collated in The FEBS Journal Supplement for the 42nd FEBS Congress (available online from around 8th September 2017), and subsequently included individually in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index published by Web of Science. Citation instructions for abstracts are given in the supplement to The FEBS Journal.

Abstracts submitted to the Congress undergo minimal checks and appraisal for oral presentation and participant support schemes, but are not peer-reviewed. 

Abstracts © Copyright The Authors 2017

42nd FEBS Congress Posters

In addition to bringing their poster to the Congress, poster presenters are invited to upload a pdf of their poster to the Congress website from 1st to 10th September – for viewing by other delegates only, from 5th to 21st September 2017. For more details of ths initiative, click here. In the search tool below, such poster files will appear as blue icons to the left of the full abstract link. Registered delegates can view the posters by clicking on this icon, after logging in to registrant accounts and agreement to specific terms. 

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Notation: LB.4.1-05
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Cancer Biology
Title: A new and essential function for SMAC/Diablo in cancer
Author/s: A. PAUL, Y. Krelin, T. Arif , V. Shoshan-Barmatz,
Notation: LB.4.1-06
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Cancer Biology
Title: miR-504 is a tumor suppressor in glioma and an important mediator of the cross-talk of glioma stem cells and microglia
Author/s: D. Rand, A. Bier, H.K. Lee, W. Jiang, S. Cazacu, C. Xiang, H. Waldman Ben-Asher, L.M. Poisson, M. Yalon, A. Toren, C. Brodie,
Notation: LB.4.1-07
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Cancer Biology
Title: The biological effect of exogenous maspin depends on the cDNA delivery system.
Author/s: M. Machowska, A. Tomczak, K. Piekarowicz, R. Rzepecki,
Notation: LB.4.1-08
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Cancer Biology
Title: Serglycin promotes invasion and metastasis of esophageal cancer
Author/s: A.L.M. Cheung, B. Li, W.W. Xu, Y. Zhu, A.K.Y. Lam, S. Law,
Notation: LB.4.4.A-01
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Structural Computational Biology
Title: Structures of mycobacterial DNA ligase D (LigD) in complexes with ATP capture the enzyme in a closed domain conformation and reveal a network of amino acid and metal contacts to the ATP phosphates
Author/s: Y. Goldgur, M. Unciuleac, S. Shuman,
Notation: LB.4.4.A-02
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Structural Computational Biology
Title: Chiral Ramachandran Plots
Author/s: H. Wang, Y. Baruch, D. Avnir, I. Tuvi-Arad,
Notation: LB.4.4.A-03
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Structural Computational Biology
Title: EphB2 receptor uses homotypic, head-to-tail interaction within its ectodomain as a novel, auto-inhibitory control mechanism
Author/s: J. Himanen, K. Xu, D. Nikolov,
Notation: LB.4.4.A-04
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Structural Computational Biology
Title: Distributed representation of viral nucleotide sequences reveals differences in strand composition between two groups of viruses
Author/s: W. Galan,
Notation: LB.4.4.B-01
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: The Structural Organization of the Cell
Title: Membrane Palmitoylated Protein 1 (MPP1) influences membrane fluidity of HEL cells
Author/s: S. Tabaczar, J. Podkalicka, P. Hinc, M. Jablonska, A. Sikorski,
Notation: LB.5.2-01
Track: Late-Breaking
Topic: Medicinal Chemistry
Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of indazole-4,7-dione derivatives as novel BRD4 inhibitors
Author/s: K. Jeong, M. Yoo, M. Yoo, J.E. Kim, C.O. Lee, C. Park,
Results: 1304

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